We launched our V1 token on 2023.06.07. In this section we will explain how the token will help investors in each stage of the platform development.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
  • We have completed the first part of our web application within a week of launching the 0xFree token.
  • At this point our platform is fully functional for both freelancers and project owners
  • During this phase the main benefit of holding the token is all the service fee from each transaction that goes through the platform.
  • From each transaction our platform takes a 10% service fee.
  • 75% of the service fees are used to buyback and burn $0xFree. This method will help the token to increase the price floor and reduce the circulating supply of the token.
  • The rest of the service fees will be used to maintain the platform.
  • At this point our platform will be receiving regular transactions
  • At this point our platform will be a well-known place for freelancers to register and they should understand the benefits or having a 0xFreelance profile.
  • Our platform will have over 200 freelancers.
  • In phase 2 there will be an incentive introduced for token holders and investors. To help to grow our token popularity we will introduce the "0xPRO" badges for freelancers.
  • The requirements for the 0xPRO badge are the following:
    1. 1.
      Have at least three 5 stars reviews
    2. 2.
      Hold a minimum amount of 0xFree tokens (tba)
    3. 3.
      If you sell your tokens you lose your badge
  • It is expected that the buyback/burn ratio will change.
  • At this point our token will be less volatile
  • To increase the benefits for our token holders we will start allowing purchases with 0xFree tokens
  • Buyers who use 0xFree tokens to complete a purchase will receive discounts on their purchase.
  • Changing the way how profits are made for holders from the platform.
  • In phase 3, we will introduce staking and profit sharing options to our holders.
  • Holders will receive revenue from the platform in the form of 0xFree, ETH or USDT.