Our key features

Transact with clients and freelancers all with crypto

At the moment you can use USDT to pay for services as a buyer or receive payouts as a freelancer. We plan to expand the crypto options and networks you can use on our platform.

Comprehensive review system

We know how hard it is to build your reputation and showcase your expertise in the memecoin space. From scammers impersonating accounts to clients not having fulfilled tasks. 0xFreelance employs a comprehensive reputation and rating system that allows clients to leave feedback and reviews based on their experience working with you.

Specialised Job Categories

We understand that the crypto industry encompasses a broad spectrum of skills and expertise. 0xFreelance offers specialised job categories tailored to the crypto and blockchain sectors. Whether you’re a developer, shiller, auditor, marketer or graphic designer specialising in crypto branding & stickers, you’ll find targeted job listings that match your skills.