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How to send a review

Reviews are crucial for the operation of our platform, please make sure you always leave a review after you using a service.

  1. To leave a review first you will have to mark the order Completed.

  2. You will have to return to the Listing Page of the service which you ordered from.

  3. Press the Leave a Review button on the right side of the page (shown on the picture below)

  4. Choose how many stars you would like to give from 1 to 5 stars, depending how satisfied you were with the service. (1 Star = Very disappointed, 5 Stars = Very Satisfied)

  5. Write a review regarding your experience with the seller, you can write about the quality, pricing of the service or the how easy it was to communicate with the seller.

  • You can only leave a review if you have actually purchased the given service.

  • By Leaving reviews you will help the community to make their choice finding the best freelancer for a given task

  • By leaving a review you can build trust between the community

  • By leaving a honest review it can help the freelancer to receive more tasks.

  • You can only leave one review for a given listing, if you buy the service again you won't be able to leave a second review.

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